What does anxiety feel like?

What does anxiety feel like?

Anxiety can manifest in various ways, and its experience can vary from person to person. People with anxiety often describe a range of physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms. Here are some common feelings and sensations associated with anxiety:

  1. Excessive Worrying: Persistent and uncontrollable thoughts about potential future events, even if they are unlikely or not imminent.
  2. Restlessness: Feeling on edge or agitated, often accompanied by an inability to relax or sit still.
  3. Physical Tension: Muscle tension, tightness, or soreness, especially in the neck, shoulders, or back.
  4. Racing Thoughts: Rapid and racing thoughts that may make it difficult to focus on tasks or make decisions.
  5. Irritability: Increased sensitivity to stimuli, easily becoming frustrated, agitated, or irritable.
  6. Fatigue: Feeling tired or exhausted, even without engaging in physically demanding activities.
  7. Difficulty Concentrating: Finding it hard to concentrate or feeling mentally scattered.
  8. Sleep Disturbances: Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or having restless and disrupted sleep.
  9. Physical Symptoms: Various physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, nausea, dizziness, sweating, trembling, or a racing heart.
  10. Feeling On Edge: A constant sense of being on high alert, as if anticipating a threat or danger.
  11. Avoidance Behavior: Avoiding situations, places, or activities that are perceived as potential triggers for anxiety.

It’s important to note that experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, and it can be a natural response to stress. However, when these symptoms become persistent, excessive, and interfere with daily functioning, it may indicate an anxiety disorder.

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